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Main characters

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Malerine Guesn : The heroine


The main character, she is the descendant of Eronn and Perina Guesn; Eronn is himself the son of Oberon, the admiral in charge of the civil fleet that was to colonize Osberan.

She has unique features, her eyes and hair are violet, she doesn't know it, but she got it from her father and her grandfather. This particularity makes her the central element of this story.

Her childhood was difficult. Her parents, who left on an expedition when she was only 5 years old, never came back. Aiepe Eihrr, the chief of her village and friend of the Guesn, took her in and raised her as his daughter. She also gained a brother at heart who is none other than Shyr.

Parchemin Ahelmina_edited.png

Ahelmina Mané : Hunter

Because her parents only wanted boys. Ahelmina set herself the goal of being the best hunter in the village. She wanted to prove to them that she was capable of doing better than anyone else. This competitive spirit accentuated her naturally unsociable character and made her a very cold young woman.

However, her need to exist as a woman and not as a tomboy pushed her to excel in beauty and femininity. So she became the most beautiful woman with a character that made her unpleasant. All the things of love are for her a mere waste of time. And this even with the huge success with the male gender. Point with which she likes to play.

This makes her an excellent warrior that it is better to have as a friend if possible. She speaks very little, and behind her frozen look hides a fragile heart that she doesn't let anyone see, except her brother Ai Eden.

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Aéliana Limn Alis : Healer.

Aeliana is the oldest of the group, she masters perfectly the science of plants and knows every remedy discovered on this planet. As a result, she has become a healer.

She abhors all forms of violence and will always try to avoid fighting. If pushed, she will fight with her bare hands, making her very dangerous.

She is a very sociable and open woman, even though she lost her husband during a sea trip. She still retains these after-effects, and since then has been terrorized by deep waters.

She would have liked to start a new life, but her love for her husband remains so strong that she cannot love again. To compensate for this difficulty, she redirects her love towards the people she accompanies. She keeps an important secret deep inside her.

Parchemin briguehs Varenia_edited.png

Briguehs and Varenia: Mercenaries.


Briguèhs and Varénia have been a mercenary duo since they were able to fight. Both have deep integrity, and they are very similar and complementary to each other. Whatever their choice of mission, they will stay in line with their principle, even if it means changing groups, if they think they are no longer following their line of conduct.

They like each other and have rather ambiguous feelings. Most of their free time, they play cat and mouse with each other.

He remains an awkward character, but this awkwardness is mostly a smoke screen to hide his shyness. She is a trustworthy person, she hides her emotions so that no one can use them without her knowledge.

Parchemin eDEN_edited.png

Ai Eden Mané : Tracker

Ahelmina's brother, and the only man she supports, is the youngest of the group. He is endowed with a great curiosity, and it is thanks to this that he will survive the disaster.

Unlike his sister, he hates weapons and does not want to use them under any circumstances.

His attraction to nature has allowed him to develop a unique bond with other domestic and wild animals at an early age, a valuable skill in many ways.

His knowledge of the planet seems enormous compared to his peers, but his secret comes from an old book he found in the village library.

He is a kleptomaniac and tries as much as possible to fight against his biggest weakness. He is open and likes to talk, jovial, but his irony sometimes plays tricks on him.

Parchemin Tanan MArths_edited.png

Tanan and Marths: Group leader


Tanan and Marths are two complementary characters, friends since their childhood, they find themselves working together, whatever their activities.

Tanan has an important role in the Silver City and is also a close friend of Oberon, Malerine's grandfather. Oberon sends him on a mission to find his son or his descendants, because he is convinced that his son, or any of his children, will be the key.

Marths, is the son of Roneus, former companion of Oberon. He is generally self-effacing with respect to his friend Tanan, but he acts and decides much more than his absence suggests. He is a character whose role in the story appears little by little during the epic and afterwards, especially since Malerine gets closer to him than to anyone else with time.

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