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Le cycle d'Osberan

The Osberan cycle begins on the planet of the same name that the Terrians tried to colonize 500 years ago. Alas, for them, the procedure did not go well, the arrival of the settlers having been chaotic and inexplicable!

Once on the spot, another big surprise awaited them, indeed, the technology does not seem to work without generating big insolvent and mortal problems.

The new inhabitants with a hope of a new life, found themselves forced to live as in the Middle Ages.

With time, bits and pieces of a highly technological past will come to the surface, in a totally unexpected way.

Is there a connection between all these points? Malerine, the heroine of this journey, will embark on a physical and psychological journey to answer all these questions and rediscover what the past had erased.

This planet is a paradise, a sanctuary, but life is simply hellish.

About the Author

Since I born, I always have been fascinated by science fiction. With the time, I gradually imagined a world in which I tried to give an answer to certain physics questions that are still unsolved today. Space-time is my playground.

What would happen if, during interstellar travel, time flowed according to a totally incomprehensible model that does not correspond to our frame of reference? This is the subject on which I venture for my greatest pleasure, and yours, I hope.

To give depth to my story I have drawn on my imagination to create a surprising bestiary and a shifted, but probable environment.

Were to find.

For the moment, my book isn't available any more.

The last two years, i worked to improve my story.

I took time on first book, and finished the second one. if you wanna help me, please follow my crowdfunding until end of April:

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